Maine Harvest Lunch

On October 22, 2009, the “Maine Harvest Lunch” replaced the normal school lunch at the Telstar Complex. The meal included foods purchased and donated from local farms. The TMS Community Service Arts class prepared decorations for the event and they created posters for the cafeteria with information about the benefits of eating locally. The Mahoosuc Kids after-school program also helped to create harvest decorations, and community volunteers helped to prepare the food for the meal. This event was the “kick-off” for GOT Farms and it served to raise awareness of our project and inspire more students and staff to get involved.  We are continuing to work together to bring healthy, local foods in our cafeteria more often.


Maine Harvest Lunch Menu –
Maine Harvest Chili – with local beef, beans, and garlic
Local Baked Potatoes
Local Baked Beans
Local Salad Greens
Local Baked Squash with Maine Maple Syrup
Apple Crisp with local apples

Where did this food come from?

Beef –
River Valley Farm – 212 Canton Point Road, Canton, ME

Potatoes, Salad Greens, and Garlic –
Wood’s Edge Farm, 58 Hatstat Rd., Woodstock, ME

Beans –
Green Thumb Farms – 123 West Fryeburg Road, Fryeburg, ME

Squash –
Middle Intervale Farm (Carter’s) -758 Intervale Road, Bethel, ME

Maple Syrup –
Maine Maple Products – 449 Lakewood Rd, Madison, ME

Apples –
Lyon Orchard – 684 Grover Hill Road, Bethel, ME

Click here to see an interactive map of these farms.

Special Thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their donations to the Maine Harvest Lunch event:  Wood’s Edge Farm, Green Thumb Farms, Mountain Greenery Greenhouses, Lyon Orchard, and Kate Goldberg.

Special Thanks to JoAnn Crockett, Jeanne LaPointe, and all the food services staff at Telstar for the extra work they put in to prepare this special lunch.

And…Special Thanks to the following volunteers who gave their time and energy to help decorate the cafeteria and prepare food for this meal:  The TMS Community Service Arts Class -(Shylyn Buckman, Rachel Goldberg, Rose Goldberg, Tyra Howes, Zach Kellner, Jessika Myers, Gaby Stone, Adriana Bennett, Kylee Hentchell, Ashley Savage, Kasmira Weinburg), Savannah Beslile, Bronson Cole, Kate Goldberg, Libby Parr, Michelle Roberts, Maura Rodway, Sarah Savage

Click here to access the “Maine Harvest Lunch Curriculum”