Greenhouse Renovations

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Students, teachers and volunteers from the Bethel community worked together on October 30, 2010 to complete the first stage of renovations to the schools’ passive-solar greenhouse building. Students had been planning this work since the fall of 2009, when the GOT Farms service-learning project began. The project was named for the greenhouse: the “GOT” stands for “Greenhouse of Telstar.”

Passive-Solar Greenhouse – before renovations:

PASSIVE-SOLAR GREENHOUSE – After 10/30/10 Volunteer Work Day:

Students and advisors worked to raise money for the project throughout the 2009-10 school year, and in May 2010, the team was awarded with a $5,000 Toolbox for Education grant from Lowe’s Hardware store to complete the renovations and purchase a small solar electricity and bike generator system to power the greenhouse and enhance energy education at Telstar.

Everyone involved in the volunteer work day did an amazing job and we got most of the work completed.  We would like to say a special thanks to all the community volunteers who helped out – Linda Cozzilino, Rick Slattery, Gary Inman, Kim Patnode, Chuck Mason, and especially Dave Berry, our volunteer contractor, and his crew – Jeff Angevine and Danielle Bernier.  They were all awesome!

Once the renovations were completed, students used the greenhouse to start seedlings.  In July 2011, the solar energy system was installed to power a greenhouse vent fan so the greenhouse could be used to grow heat-loving plants during the summer months.  Students are also using the greenhouse to experiment with winter gardening and solar energy use.

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