Garden and Greenhouse Update – Spring 2013 – Spring 2014

We had our fourth successful growing season in 2013.  We partnered with the Bethel Alliance Church to expanded our garden volunteering program, with garden masters and business sponsors taking care of both our garden and the BAC’s community garden with their volunteer service.  The hard work of all our volunteers – students, teachers, and other community members – produced another bountiful harvest in the fall.  Our fresh produce was again featured in the Telstar Cafeteria throughout the month of September and we also donated lettuce and other vegetables to the monthly public supper events at the Bethel Alliance Church throughout the summer. Our school greenhouse helped us to produce healthy seedlings and continued to be a center for experimentation and creativity. We added a gourd arch sculpture to “Squash Hill” and we continued learning about and experimenting with new cooking recipes in our “Bridging the Generations” cooking workshops. The garden is coming alive again for the 2014 growing season, with plans for a new three-sisters garden, a new gourd sculpture, and a continuation of the Bethel Alliance Church garden volunteer collaboration.

  • GOT Farms Garden Photos 2013-14