Gourd House 2012

GOT Farms students enjoyed building another gourd house this year. This year’s gourd house was larger than last year’s, and it used more varieties of gourd plants. We had large bottleneck gourds again, and we also added luffa gourds, crown-of-thorn gourds, and speckled swan gourds. In the spring, we started gourd seedlings in the greenhouse and then transplanted them to the base of the gourd house structure after it was constructed. Summer garden volunteers helped to train the vines up the sides of the structure, and by the start of school in the fall, the gourd house was completely filled out with dozens of gourds.  After we harvest the gourds, they will dry out in the greenhouse all winter, and we will be able to use them for a variety art projects in the spring. We are now working on art projects with the bottleneck gourds that we grew during our 2011 growing season.  Check out the photo gallery below to see images of our gourd house:

  • Gourd House 2012