Gourd House

While on the Fantastic Food Frenzy field trip to the Buckfield Jr./Sr. High School garden in the fall of 2010, GOT Farms students saw Buckfield ‘s gourd house and were inspired to create one of their own at our school garden.  We started 9 plants in the greenhouse and then transplanted them to the base of the gourd house structure after it was constructed by students in GOT Farms as well as students in TMS Visual Art classes.  Summer garden volunteers helped to train the vines up the sides of the structure, and by the start of school in the fall, the gourd house was completely filled out with dozens of gords.  We harvested the all the gourds before the first frost and we are drying them out for use in art projects in the spring.  Check out the photo gallery below to see images of our gourd house.

  • Gourd House 2011