Cooking Classes – 2010-11

In the 2010-11 school year, we continued working with community volunteer, Suzanne Dunham, to learn to cook healthy versions of our favorite foods. Students worked together on October 12th to process several pumpkins for use later in pies and muffins. On October 19th, students made pizzas using whole grain, vegetables, and local meats. The pizzas was shared with other students in the building, and we received very positive feedback from our many taste-testers. We also finished making the medicinal balm that we stared preparing in September by soaking some of our garden herbs in olive oil. We combined the herbal extract with bee balm and stored it in small jars .  Several jars of this balm were sold at the 2010 TMS ArtReach event to raise money for G.O.T. Farms. For more information about the ArtReach, visit

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