Welcome to the GOT Farms website!

GOT Farms 2014-2015

The GOT Farms service-learning project is an after school program for Telstar Middle and High School students led by TMS teacher Melissa Prescott.  Student volunteers meet once per week from 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm.  We have been working on many projects related to our project goals and we have made a great deal of progress.  To learn more about our recent efforts, click HERE.

 SPECIAL THANKS to our amazing group of summer garden volunteers:




Kathleen Devore, Lorrie Hoeh, Martha Siegel, Jean Bass, Bonnie Pooley, Judy Buxton, Maisey Griffin, Gina Childs,  Sarah Southam, and Anna Sysko.


The Eddy Middle School, Brooks Brothers, Bethel Maine Hostel, True North Adventureware, Northeast Bank, Northern Roots, Nabo’s, Good Food Store, Nurturing Vines, and DiCocoa’s Cafe and Marketplace.



Kathleen Devore, Jackie Cressy, Bonnie Pooley,  Lorrie Hoeh, Martha Siegel, Jean Bass, Sarah Southam, Deb Richmond, Suzanne Dunham, and Anna Sysko.


The Eddy Middle School, Good Food Store, The Local Hub, Nabo’s, Bethel Maine Hostel, Bethel Bike Shop, Northeast Bank, True North Adventureware, and DiCocoa’s Cafe and Marketplace.



Bonnie Pooley, Kathleen Devore, Jean Bass, Jackie Cressy, Janet Bartlett, Nancy Davis, Lorrie Hoeh, Martha Siegel, Suzanne Dunham, Jessie Perkins, and Anna Sysko.


True North Adventureware, The Eddy Middle School, Bethel Maine Hostel, Good Food Store, Bartlett Funny Farm, Northeast Bank, Bethel Bike Shop, SAD#44 Adult Education, The Bethel Inn, DiCocoa’s Cafe and Marketplace


Check out our documentary film, “G.O.T. Farms?”, produced by the Telstar Middle School Film class –

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can also watch the full version by clicking on this link:  http://www.vimeo.com/8657744

If you would like a DVD copy of this film, please contact Melissa Prescott – prescotm@sad44.org


This site contains information about the GOT Farms service-learning project at Telstar Middle/High School.  Students and teachers at Telstar are collaborating on a project to improve the health of the citizens of the SAD#44 by working toward the following goals:

—Use the school gardens and greenhouse to grow food for the Telstar Complex, and to support learning across the Telstar curriculum.

—Raise awareness of the importance of eating organically and locally.

—Strengthen our “Farm to School” connections and work together with the kitchen staff and the community to bring local foods to the Telstar table more often.

—Develop sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations and businesses in the SAD #44 community.

If you have any questions about this project, please let us know.  We would like to involve as many SAD#44 staff and community members as possible.  Please contact any of us if you would like to be involved in this project in any way.

– Melissa Prescott – GOT Farms Advisor, TMS Visual Art Teacher – prescotm@sad44.org


8 responses to “Welcome to the GOT Farms website!

  1. I would love to work the 6th grade into this too- or maybe do an extension with other healthy living choices….

  2. Awesome! Sounds great! We are in the process of developing a list of “G.O.T. Farms?” partners and I’ll put you on the list.

  3. hi this is awesome and the art reach is coming up!!!

  4. We raised 1,200$ from the artreach!!! yay

  5. A powerful and worthy project! Nice site, too. When and where can we see the art that is being created?

  6. Tyra – YAY is right! 🙂 You rock!!

    Matt – The ArtReach event was last night and, as Tyra said, we raised $1,200 for our project. Student artwork was on display and for sale, and 22 artworks that were donated by local artists were auctioned off. We also had a program of student performances, which I think will be available for viewing soon on our local access TV station. I will try to post some pics from the art show soon and our “G.O.T. Farms?” documentary film will soon be available to view online. When it is online, I’ll put it up on this site, as well at the TMS Art website – http://www.tmsart.wordpress.com. I think our film will also be aired on local access TV soon. I’ll keep you posted!

    -Melissa Prescott

  7. we made a game called veggie land to teach people about healthy choices.

  8. We are going to be fixing the greenhouse on the 30 of October hope to see you there!!!

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